Ground Squirrels

We Get Rid of Ground Squirrels in San Mateo, Santa Clara and Monterey County!

There are few pests as quick-breeding, persistent, or damaging as the California ground squirrel. If you see new activity, you must act fast or you will have many dozens next year and hundreds the year after that. This is a new epidemic in many neighborhoods.

These animals will take over a garden, school, park or landscape quickly. They have 5-9 babies a season. They are relentless, and have no predators in our area.

Bay Area California Ground Squirrel Control by Smith’s Gopher Trapping Service

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We see them strip orchards and vineyards bare of fruit. Ground squirrels will erode soil and dig under and weaken retaining walls in just one year. Locally we see ground squirrels taking over Los Altos Hills, south and east San Jose, the Almaden Valley and all over Morgan Hill and Monterey County. Many schools and parks are full of ground squirrels. Their burrow openings present a hazard to children and adults on sports fields. The opening of a ground squirrel burrow can easily fit a foot, sometimes allowing the entire lower leg to descend into the opening. There are many stories of broken legs from play o ground squirrel infested soccer fields.

The methods of controlling ground squirrels are season-specific. Cold weather can keep them in their burrows for long periods of time. When the sun is out, they come out to forage. This is generally with it is easiest to control them. We will apply repellants and/or smoke cartridges in the active burrow openings, and sometimes we will set out poison in ground squirrel specific bait dispensers if no other option will work.

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A Letter from Zach Smith, the guy who has tried nearly every method control ground squirrels:

Ground Squirrels Are The Worst Pest of All-Time and Here is why

by Zachary Smith

  • Ground Squirrels breed rapidly and spread like a virus.   They have no local predators so their growth becomes exponential.
  • They are the most common carrier of Black Plague, a deadly disease that infects California’s ground squirrels and it can spread to people.
  • The plague is spread through the fleas that ground squirrels are infested with.
  • Fleas can easily take up residence in your yard, and lay eggs in your pets fur.
  • Ground Squirrel bait stations are the only effective control measure for managing ground squirrel infestations.

Ground squirrels are not a pest that can be ignored. Customer’s who were initially against using bait always call us back with a much bigger ground squirrel infestation. There are just no other methods that work (and don’t cost many thousands of dollars).

I can promise you this: If you have a few ground squirrels today, you will soon have 20, then 40, and then 80 and on and on. Your ground squirrel problem will become you neighbor’s problem in short time. We see entire neighborhoods infested with hundreds of ground squirrels all the time. If these pests are eliminated quickly they can be easily stopped. Using bait stations is the only method that works effectively.  I have tried everything. This is what works.

We also trap gophers and moles in bay area lawns and landscapes. Garden gophers are a huge problem all over from San Francisco to Monterey. They dig up lawns and eat plats.  Moles are also troublesome if they are making piles of dirt in the lawn. Moles don’t eat plants but they damage them when they burrow un the root zone.