Organic Fertilization & Pest Control

Smith and Associates specializes in organic landscape fertilization and organic pest control. We call this “organic landcare” and it is a program that we believe to be the¬†way of the future.

By starting with the health of the soil, we build strong, resilient plants that can use their natural defenses to ward of pests such as fungi, bacteria, insects and mites.

If disease is getting the upper hand we can apply a broad array of organic pest control products and beneficial insects to restore balance in the garden. With time and good care, most climate-appropriate plants can thrive without the ned for chemical pesticides and fertilizers. And your family and guests can enjoy a yard that is natural, vibrant, and wholesome.

Smith and Associates offers our signature “California Green” Landscape planning. We believe that the dusky colored natives that thrive in our low rainfall areas are the “new green” and with the right attitude, can be every bit as colorful and beautiful as a high-water-requirement landscape.