Tree Health Services

Zachary Smith Arboriculture provides comprehensive tree disease management & landscape fertilization to the greater San Francisco Bay Area. 

Zachary Smith- Horticulturist
Zachary Smith- Horticulturist, Arborist

Zachary Smith, arborist & horticulturist,  graduated from Cal Poly SLO in 2002 and has been working with Bay Area trees and landscapes ever since. 

Zach is an ISA Certified Arborist WE7339A, and experienced horticulturist who is dedicated to taking a scientific approach to irrigation management,  soil imbalances and plant health care.  

How We Perform Our Services:

First, We Interview Our Customer and Inspect Their Propery Carefully

Sick plants do not happen overnight. We must ask a series of questions of our customer to gain understanding of what may have changed in the yard or the neighborhood that has led to the plant disease.  Was there recent construction nearby? Did the irrigation system break down? Could a new gardener begun to apply more water than usual?  We ask questions and inspect the pro[erty looking for telltale signs of the cause of tree and landscape decline.

Next, We Diagnose

Our process starts with a review of the symptoms of tree or landscape disease. We must determine what a plant’s health issue is. Some diseases are caused by soil or tree fungus, and sometimes diseases come from bacteria. Other times, disease is abiotic, meaning the growing conditions are creating sick trees. Other non-fungal diseases can be caused by cutting roots, or compacting soil. Even irrigation water can cause trees to die if not applied correctly. We first seek to diagnose the tree or plant disease

Third, We Create A Property-wide Plant Health Care Action Plan

Trees do not live isolated from the rest of the yard. Roots travel far and wide, and landscape plants live in a single ecosystem. Our remediation plan to help trees and landscapes recover from sickness and decline takes the whole yard into account. We formulate a plan to improve the irrigation, the soil, and the growing conditions. We apply nutrients and sometimes pesticides to help acute illness. We teach and coach the property owner and caretaker and gardeners on how to bring wellness to the entire landscape.  

And Finally, We Ge To Work Treating For Disease and Correcting Irrigation and Soil Issues

Once we have thoroughly gained an understanding of the causal conditions leading to sick trees or declining plants in your yard, we take action. Our curative measures often includ applying fertilizer, breaking up compacted soil, eliminating pathogenic insects and fungi, and modifying irrigation so that we may restore balance and health to your landscape ecosystem.  We follow up with our clients to here by year to ensure the action plan is working, to make follow-up treatments, and help coach the landscape maintenance professionals where needed. 

Our customers are often surprised and delighted that we take such a holistic approach to treating sick trees or correcting issues leading to dead plants in the yard. If your trees are dripping sticky sap, it is likely a secondary illness stemming from a general and oftentimes invisible malady affecting the tree. If your plants are wilting, but you’ve added more water to know affect, it’s important to know that sick roots will cause plant leaves wilt as if they are too dry. 

Zachary Smith gets to the “root” of the matter!


Some of the landscape and tree health care services that we offer:

If you are not sure what your landscape health issue is, see symptom list below:

scale insects

Insect damaged leaves